So, I’m the Worst Blogger Ever

librarian meta tattoo

Librarian meta tattoos are the way to go (via Pinterest)

My goodness, has it really been that long since I’ve posted?  Just when I was starting to delve into the complicated world of librarians in popular culture, I went MIA. Even my post on Guybrarians and Male Librarians, which went viral and garnered thousands of views (!!!) and several dozen amazingly insightful comments, didn’t help cover my absence.  I certainly want to get back to posting regularly – and I will! – but a little explanation may be in order.

In mid-April I became a professional librarian.  After nearly seven years of being an off-and-on-again student as well as a member of the support staff of a mid-sized academic library, I was promoted to the rank of faculty and the new position of Public Services Librarian in charge of marketing and outreach.  It’s been thrilling and exciting and bright and shiny and new, but it’s also greatly taken away from my trolling on the interwebs online activities.

Still, now that I am an actual librarian, this blog all of a sudden seems so much more important, so let’s forget about my brief disappearing act and get back to discussing why librarians are depicted the way they are in media and why that’s good/bad/wrong/hilarious.  Okay?

Morris Lessmore and his Fantastic Flying Books... or, what I thought being a librarian would feel like.

Morris Lessmore and his Fantastic Flying Books… or, what I thought being a librarian would feel like. Not so much?



Image via mental floss

After two months of lazily convalescing and enjoying my newly earned title of MLIS graduate, I have finally decided to pick up this blog again, dust it off, and continue to wonder why librarians are just so darn fun. Stay tuned for further popping and profiling!


librarians dewey it better” by BadgesByQuake @Etsy

For the past few months I’ve been writing this blog for a class of mine: Social Media Management, to be precise.  Now that the semester is coming to an end – and I’m set to graduate in just a few days – I’m beginning to think about the future of this blog.  The subject of librarians in popular culture is one I’ve had quite a bit of fun delving into, and (according to my professor at least) the niche topic is certainly interesting.  Therefore, I hope to continue this blog, albeit on a different platform!

I hope to grow this blog over time – especially since I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands fairly soon!  Thanks to everyone watching so far, and don’t be a stranger!

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